The Byzantine general said Sunday morning that the recovery of Bitcoin from the start of the Bollinger band is about $ 8,700 “paid” as it clearly proves that cryptocurrencies are rising. In fact, he noted that BTC speculators recently managed to regain basic control before rising to $ 3,000 to $ 14,000.

If history repeats itself, the Bitcoin leg will be higher in the coming weeks and months, potentially close to half the record.

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Not all sun and rainbow
Sure, technology is starting to benefit, but BTC has recently dropped to a key level: As Crypto Vulture, a cryptocurrency operator, points out, Bitcoin Sunday’s growth declined to a moving average of 200 days at around $ 9,200.

how to buy bitcoin

The 200-day moving average is, in some contexts, often at a quoted level, which, according to analysts, indicates whether the asset / chart is analyzed, macro-uptrend or macro-volatile. With this in mind, denial implies that a long-term downturn can result.

Tips for planning a vacation to save time and money

Holiday planning requires a lot of planning and management. There are a lot of things to do before going on vacation. Money and time are the main aspects that play a crucial role in the holiday preparation process. Planning may take some time, but the outcome after the process compensates for all other things. Follow a list of tips that are ideal for saving money and time during your vacation.

1. PlanningA: The first to be respected is essential for the holiday to be financially friendly. Evaluate your financial situation, decide on your destination, book your tickets and move on to the next step.

2. Stay flexible: Staying flexible with travel dates is another way to save money during your vacation. Book flights on dates with low fares so you can save huge amounts.

3. Travel in the shoulders: A trip can be made at any time, but traveling during the shoulder or off-season is a better way to save money and avoid crowds that prevent you from reaching different destinations.

4. Check out special offers: Several travel websites and companies create packages and offers for travelers. Sign up for everyone's exclusive offers and get the one that has the maximum benefit. Book flights / tickets after comparing all offers.

5. Use social media: Social media is a great tool to help connect with different people, communities, and places. Use social media to browse through various travel sites and get promotional offers that are available exclusively from these sources.

6. Book in advance: Once the planning is complete, book your tickets and hotels in advance. Advance booking not only ensures trouble-free travel, but also helps in getting benefits such as low prices, more options and options.

7. Access the locale: The locale helps travelers get inside information, making their task easier. Connect with local people and get an inner hill that can be used for the next trip.

8. Take public transport: After reaching your desired destination, decide to travel by public transport to reduce commute costs. Make the most of them by easily finding route maps and guides.

9. Transfer additional cash / currency: Currency exchange rates may vary by country. Taking extra cash from the start of your trip will reduce your currency conversion costs. Adopting this technique will save you a lot of money.

10. Stay for cheaper accommodation: Finding cheap accommodation is another way that saves money when traveling. Staying in a hostel or in family-friendly places and hotels is a great way to stay on budget.

11. Act and implement with caution: Repeat the first step again to review the process. Realizing curative ideas during planning makes a good effort towards managing money and time. Act wisely and vote better.

Planning is the key to success, follow travel tips to get the best experience on your budget.

Travel tip Germany – Seedammbad Bad Homburg

Seedammbad is definitely something to consider when traveling with children in Germany. Conveniently located in the beautiful town of Bad Homburg and only 20 minutes from Frankfurt, 30 minutes from Wetzlar, it offers lots of fun activities for the whole family.

In addition to the typical swimming areas (both swimming and non-swimming), the Seemdammbad offers a 70-meter mega slide, a contemporary swimming pool where the water pushes you in one direction (offers fitness programs), a water carousel, and the harsh water atmosphere in Brodel Bucht.

In addition, you can relax in the famous Kneipp Becken, solariums, saunas and steam baths.

From May to September Seedammbad opens its roofs to allow the warm summer air to come. They also offer a naked area (FKK) that is protected from public spaces.

After a long day of water fun, the Walfisch restaurant invites you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are open daily, as well as a café serving snacks, coffee, drinks and other snacks.

Admission is € 6 per adult, € 2.50 for children from 5 years.

Hours of operation:

  • Monday: 13:00 – 21:00
  • Tuesday – Friday: 7:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 8:00 – 20:00

Seedammbad is located opposite the Taunus Therme. You can use the same structure of public parking.

This is an example of what you can do in Bad Homburg while traveling in Germany. To learn more about Bad Homburg, we have created a comprehensive travel guide for Bad Homburg in cooperation with the locals, which provides unique insider tips that you can use during your holiday in Germany.

Luxury travel in India for the first time for travelers

India may be daunting, chaotic, frenetic and complex for the first traveler, but it will surely enchant you with its exotic diversity, rich tapestry and picturesque beauty. India's lively culture, unique spiritual heritage, ancient traditions and hospitality will amaze and dazzle your senses. Wherever you go, you will discover lively potpourri colors, culture and character – a land of incredible contrasts and paradoxes, timeless but constantly changing.

From the majestic Himalayas to the north, the incredible Saharan-Thar desert expanses to the west, the wide coastal plains, dense jungles, stunning beaches and tranquil flows to the south, this enormous nation with its impressive and diverse topography offers unlimited wandering and exploring opportunities.

If you are planning a luxury tour of India with such a diverse range of encounters, what to choose where to put your drifter out?

Luckily for you there are plenty of luxury and custom experiences to dive into.

India offers so much, from the untouched white wonder of the Taj Mahal, through the sandy beaches of Goa to the backwaters of Kerala. It is, of course, impossible to explore all of India's beauty in one way and truly soak up the rich culture and heritage of each city is better to focus on one or two regions at a time.

A perfect holiday is a combination of sightseeing, relaxation and luxury stays with flexibility, comfort, security and independence. Luxury travel is about unique authentic experiences, it is stress-free travel, time pressure adapted to your preferences, defined by your desires, inclinations and impulses.

North India is a fantastic introduction for anyone traveling to the subcontinent for the first time, and most tours of northern India usually begin and end in New Delhi, within easy reach of the colorful Rajasthan and spiritual Varanasi. But of course you can choose Mumbai as your starting point also depending on your preferences and flight connections.

Must see the golden triangle in India:

The Golden Triangle Tour includes three cities – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, and each offers an extraordinary wealth of cultural and historical splendor.

Delhi – The capital of India is a cosmopolitan bustling metropolis with influences of Mughal and Colonial, a beautiful blend of historical past and vibrant present.

Start your tour of old Delhi from busy marketplaces such as the narrow aisle market, each specializing in commodity: Dariba Kalan is a stripe of jewelers and silver smiths, and Khari Baoli is Asia's largest spice market. Visit the Red Sandstone Monument to the Red Fort, the large Jama Masjid Mosque with its impressive black and white domes.

Take the wide roads and boulevards of New Delhi, also known as Lutyen's Delhi, and visit the Indian Gate. Rashtrapati Bhavan built in Moghulu and Western architectural styles and the Victorious Tower – Minutes Minutes.


Look at the Taj Mahal from the comfort and privacy of your own bay window, in your private room in Oberoi Amarvilas – the epitome of wealth.

The most famous monument of the city is the white marble wonder Taj Mahal he lives with all the superlatives applied by poets and historians. Look at this eternal embodiment of the shades of love from peach pink at sunrise to golden amber at sunset and you will be charmed by its gorgeous beauty.

Visit Agra Fort and the elegant Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daullah.


Jaipur, the capital of royal Rajasthan, also known as the "Pink City" See the luxury Oberoi Raj Vilas – a royal resort set in 32 hectares of landscaped gardens with pavilions and reflective pools that create princely royal Rajasthan. Enjoy the Jaipur countryside with a tranquil elephant ride and a gourmet picnic at Naila Fort, or take part in a private culinary class to learn about spices and secrets of Indian cuisine.

Head to Jaipur to explore the opulent palaces, majestic fortresses and labyrinths of busy bazaars selling textiles, leather products, wood prints, perfumes, jewelry and traditional Jaipur blue ceramics.


City of Dawn, Udaipur is a charming country around Cerul Lake surrounded by the lush hills of Aravallis. Udaipur, a vision in white soaked in romance and beauty, is a fascinating blend of sights, sound and experience, and its kaleidoscope of fabulous palaces, lakes, temples, gardens and narrow streets dotted with the scents of heroic past, embodying valor and chivalry.

Relax in the specially furnished rooms in the luxurious Oberoi Udaivilas, overlooking the scenic Lake Pichola. Spectacular interiors, architectural brilliance and a tranquil environment will transport you in the past with royalties.


Nestled on the edge of the Thar Desert, the city of Jodhpur, also known as the Blue City or Sun City, is reflected with the stories of antiquity. A place where the sun's rays create the illusion of shimmering lakes in an arid land. On its west side stands Meharangarh Fort and on the east side is the massive sandstone palace Umaid Bhawan; Jodhpur's monuments, temples and gardens depict versatile grandeur.

Nothing touched the Mehrangarh Fort to keep track of Jodhpur and the old town's blue houses.

Stay in the magnificent Umaid Bhawan Palace, a golden colored desert sandstone desert amidst acres of green gardens. As an impressive honor of art deco, the palace has 64 luxurious rooms and suites. Embark on an exciting drive through the enchanting city of Jodhpur with a vintage car accompanied by your royal servant. Stop under the starry night sky for a divine grilled feast accompanied by desert music.


The Khajuraho temples were built between 950 and 1050 AD during the reign of Chandela, which derives its name from the Khajur tree (date palm), which can be found in abundance in the area. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the historic city is a symbol of medieval art. Famous for their erotic carvings, the temples at Khajaraho display outstanding sculptural decorations, large dimensions and a complex yet perfectly harmonious composition.

Do not miss watching Son-et-Lumiere evening, which tells of the construction of Khajuraho temples under the Chandel dynasty.

It is advisable to plan your visit around the month of February, as the Khajuraho Dance Festival takes place every year from 25 February to 2 March in the open air hall in front of the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Along with dance performances, you can also see a number of craftsmen who trade their native art and crafts with visitors.


Varanasi, the spiritual nerve center of Hinduism, is probably the place in India that has the greatest impact on visitors. Formerly known as Benares, it sits on the bend of the Ganges, and its spiritual meaning derives from its position as the "place of crossing". Landmarks, the cacophony of sounds, the smell of incense and jasmine flowers, and color riots can sometimes be overwhelming; however, watching pilgrims on the banks of the Ganges against the background of ancient temples is fascinating and strangely reassuring. Watch the evening of Aarti on the banks of the Holy Ganges at sunset and this magnificent synchronized ritual with the Vedic mantras will leave you in hypnotic trance.

Staying at Taj Nadesar will provide you with much needed relief and relief from the city's humdrum and chaos. Situated on the banks of the Ganges River since 1835, Taj Nadesar Palace offers royal, national and star accommodation set in lush greenery, mango orchards, marigold and jasmine. Nadesar Palace is a haven of tranquility.

Varanasi is known for its fine silk – it is available everywhere, but shop and trade hard!

With such a range of luxurious extravagances to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice, and the exoticism of India and decadence will remain in your memories forever. Pack your bags and embark on this transformation path to explore this magical land to reappear.

I want to travel for life – what are the advantages?

Traveling is one of the best things you can do in your life. Why instead of buying material and collecting junk stuff in the basement, why spend your money on memories? Even better, if you get paid for traveling or working while traveling, how would that be great? Certainly there are ways to generate income and travel the world, it's all a matter of how creative you can be. As you may already know, there are many destinations that you can explore and have fun around the world. They are also here jobs where you can travel the world and still make a living. So if you are one of the people looking to travel as a job, then this post is just for you. Read on to find out

Enjoy the adventure – if you're looking work from home ideas for men or women who require travel, and then you are on the right track to find an adventure job. There are many kinds of adventures that you can have whenever you travel. For example, if you travel to an exotic location on the beach, you can enjoy surfing or even get some diving hours and go exploring deep into the sea. No matter what you choose to do, traveling is a great resource adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.

One of the most amazing parts of paying for travel is all the new faces and personalities you will encounter. You will communicate with different people – I want to travel for a living thanks to the exposure it offers when you meet and interact with people from different locations. Social skills are very important in life, and learning how to communicate with other people is essential to a healthy life. When you sign up jobs where you can travel the world, you will gain better social skills and increase your confidence. You can also pick up local languages, which is always a commendable thing.

Exposure to various unique cultures – Most home industry ideas you have to work on your desktop without having to physically interact with people. The best small business for home business that offers a way to experience the different cultures of the world is to join a travel club. It is not only about lessons and lessons, but it can also help you deepen your understanding of life on Earth. It teaches respect for people and it is usually humiliating to appreciate how different cultures live.

Relaxation – in search creative business ideas from home Nothing is more creative than jobs that have to do with traveling, because they also offer the added benefit of relaxation. When you escape the stress of normal work, traveling is usually an effective solution. You can engage in many different activities to help you reduce stress and add a little joy to your life.

Cheap deals for your flight

Travel agencies and airlines offer a range of flight offers to most destinations so passengers can easily choose what they are most comfortable with. To get the cheapest deals for your flight, you can choose a one-way flight that will become much cheaper. The prices of tickets to different destinations can be determined by calculating the number of stops the flight will make, ensuring that what you get is the cheapest. If it is possible to fly in one direction and still save money, then perhaps it should be the choice of flight you make.

There are people who find cheap and very affordable flights when they choose to travel, using flight offers that provide the ability to customize the capabilities of multiple cities. This kind of search on different websites helps in getting the best out of business and is an effective way to save money. When using reservation systems to reach an agreement that looks good, you should make sure that you also check the airline's website as there may be other offers much lower than you expect.

You can also find the best airline deals when passengers check the prices from the airports nearest to destination or departure. Sometimes, the larger the airport, the more expensive air prices are likely to have. Being flexible enough to fly from cheaper airports that are close to you could get you cheaper tickets. It is also important to check which days of the week and time of day attract the lowest fares. If you're flexible with the time to travel, you can land a lot using the available data on the website.

Since prices tend to fluctuate over short periods, be sure to check the same store several times a day. It's possible that the information you received earlier has changed positively, giving you the chance to take advantage of more affordable deals. If one is willing to do a thorough research to get the best deals for a particular flight, it is possible to travel without exceeding budget limits.

Lima Travel Guide: Casas in Lima

Historic homes in Lima are a huge attraction for history lovers who want to absorb the hundreds of years of history that Lima, once the capital of the New World, has to offer. These well-preserved houses offer the opportunity to enter the time capsule and travel through time. There are agencies that specialize in providing access to otherwise private homes through personal contacts. This exclusive approach may include exploring the family sights of the Spanish colonial area through modern times and accessing private art collections sought by the world's largest museums.

Upon agreement with exclusive Lima home tours, you can also have a tea, lunch or dinner with the host family after a private tour. This is the case of Hacienda Santa Rosa. This Republican-style house in a villa is located 20 minutes south of Lima. Here you will be welcomed as guests of the prominent Limeño family who will not only show you stunning land and give you access to their private home, but also sit down with you to quench your curiosities by answering your questions. If you would like to arrive a little earlier than the scheduled tour, a Peruvian chef with staff will allow you to participate in the preparation and cooking of your lunch. They also allow private visitors to use their pool or ride horses along the beach. During your visit you will also receive a private demonstration of a Peruvian passport horse on a ranch on the property.

Unlike most private homes in Lima, you are able to stay overnight at Casa Punta Hermosa. This private summer house offers elegant elegance overlooking the crystal blue ocean waters. As one of the homes of the famous Lima antique collector, this house is superbly decorated and offers a relaxing oasis south of Lima. Their resident chef provides brunch, lunch and dinner. Spa treatments, massages and yoga lessons are available on request if you do not enjoy your time on the terrace, relax in the outdoor lounge or enjoy the dramatic ocean drains from the pool.

Located in Lima's Miraflores neighborhood, Casa Garcia Alvarado is within walking distance of most hotels. The house was built in 1912 in the style of republican architecture and is one of the few remaining original houses in this style, located in the Miraflores area. Still used as a private resident, Ana Maria Garcia Alvarado takes you home and explains the architecture, history, art collection and antiques that are found in every room. The charm of your hostess and home will surely leave the impression that Lima is definitely a useful tourist destination.

Tunisia offers palatial hotel comfort at motel prices

Tunisia is the primary hard currency earner for tourism, and this small country with eleven million people last year hosted over seven million tourists, a record number. Many of them come back again and again to enjoy the climate, beautiful beaches and gourmet dining.

In a small Tunisia, there is something like a quarter of a million hotel beds, most of which are, of course, concentrated in the capital Tunis. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Tunisia's tourism industry is that so few tourists visiting this enchanting country are Americans. Of the seven million tourists who visited Tunisia in 2012, only about 25,000 were US citizens, many of whom came on a cruise ship and stopped only briefly at the port. About one third of one percent of Tunisian guests are Americans, and this has been standard for years.

Why this is a bit of a mystery, and some of it is undoubtedly related to the false perception that North Africa is a place of danger. It is a proven fact that since the Arab Spring revolt that began in 2010, neither a tourist nor a lesser man has been injured as a result of the political upheavals that began in Tunisia with the Jasmine Revolution. Tourism is Tunisia's largest sector. A huge number of Tunisians are committed to making it work, today and tomorrow. Indeed, tourism is Tunisia's most important 'export' and the source of most of its euros, yen, dollars and other hard money.

There are so many luxury destinations in Tunisia that it is very difficult to concentrate on one, but the recent favorite destination of many top visitors is Residence, a palace hotel and resort resort nestled on the edge of a sparkling golden beach on the Gammarth Mediterranean coast, adjacent to the ancient ruins of Carthage outside Tunis. Carthage, as you may know, was the ancient Roman capital of Africa, and unlike the Roman ruins in Rome, the ruins are undisturbed, covered by 2000 years of modern additions.

Residence is an oasis of charm and tranquility for a tired and exhausted slap in the middle of one of the oldest permanently inhabited places on earth. Recall that the history of Tunisia dates back to the Phoenicians, the millennia, the indigenous Berbers. When you're on Residenceyou feel that you are in one of the cradles of civilization, a notion heavily reinforced by the creative spirit so evident right next to the colony of artists Sidi Bou Said, just a stone's throw away.

Only after a recent tour of Carthage did I walk through the fascinating ruins where I realized how much Residence owes inspiration to the ancient Roman heated baths, which are essential to life in ancient Carthage. It was the Romans who developed the use of seawater as a form of therapy, especially seawater that was heated. Modern marine physicians still believe that seawater properties have a beneficial effect on skin pores. in Residence I think it is the best recreation of a Roman Thalassic spa resort anywhere in the world at its core Les Thermes Marins de Carthage, Size of 35, 000 square feet, surrounded by 30 special guest cabins, oriental hammam, a sauna, two terraces to relax between treatments and a majestic dome covering a recreational swimming pool with sea water.

Palace architecture Residence it reflects both Moorish and Andalusian influences and close to the sea, while its interiors are about relaxed elegance with a distinct Tunisian décor, ivory walls, blonde glitter, Alicante marble, and rich broccoli. Sea views are everywhere.

Only 155 rooms and nine luxury suites Residence it looks outward when you see it out there, but it's small enough so you'll never feel lost in the crowd. And you will be pleased daily by the rich gastronomic palette of the six restaurants found on the premises, so you can enjoy fresh seafood, traditional Tunisian and Mediterranean delicacies, authentic Chinese cuisine at any time, or eat at times when you want something lighter al fresco at the Néroli salad bar.

And what will it be? Residence Did it cost you? A double room can be discounted at 215 euros per night or $ 140 per person! You leave Residence with sadness and determination to return as soon as possible, and you will enjoy the convenience of Tunis-Carthage International Airport, because rarely more than 30 minutes by taxi even on days of transport. Be sure to check it out Residence website for current prices and availability.

For travel without worries, the solution is a travel agency

There are a number of travel agencies that prepare travelers' itinerary from surveying, planning to purchase the entire trip to “Discover India”. Travel packages are discounted or subsidized through partner channels that consist of economical luxury hotels, airlines, railways, carriers, etc. Almost all travel agencies meet the needs of one and everything – from single men and women to families and holiday clubs or A weekend getaway in the shortest possible time, no matter what the needs of travel agencies are ready at any time to ensure that their clients are satisfied.

Most travel agencies in Calcutta to have travel agency specialists on board who are able to understand the subtle nuances of tourism, and that is why personal attention is paid and most of them are fluent in English. Intending travelers have direct access to a range of travel packages available to middle-class families who might plan a trip to India.

Through constant research on safe and secure tourist destinations in India, travel agencies offer travel packages that are economical to ensure that passengers have sufficient funds to buy gifts for their loved ones. Almost all travel agents offer value-added services such as bus and car rental, air tickets and air tickets, hotel reservations and other touristic and travel assistance at competitive prices.

Travel agencies in India are professionally managed, especially for foreign tourists, whether they are groups or individuals. Travel packages are valued to match any budget that any traveler could use. Travel agency as a company grows exponentially due to the dedication of the team of travel agents and tour operators. All travel agents have partners across India and the IT infrastructure of the agencies has been improved to offer additional benefits in the coming days. The reason for improving infrastructure is to ensure that the service they offer is unique. Not surprisingly, the hordes of foreign tourists return India because they are pleased with the services provided by travel agencies, which, in their own acceptance, are absolutely phenomenal.

India is a country where the dichotomy of rags and wealth is ubiquitous and can often be seen side by side. It is a testimony of social and economic inequalities and divisions. However, it is a country worth exploring because it offers a variety of breathtaking and idyllic scenic beauty in every corner. From the mountains of the Himalayas snow-capped mountains and their peaks in the sky so high that it would seem that they went to scrape the sky and reach for the sky. On Rishikesh on the Ganges River in northern India is an ideal spot for whitewater rafting.

Goa is also a sought-after destination for those who want to bask in the sun and have sunscreen or are excited about an all-night night party under the moonlight and starry sky, along with the fun of the best bands. Kerala is also a good place for river cruises on natural stagnant waters amid coconut palms that seem to whisper, beaches full of white sand, herds of elephants, and lush greenery wherever they seem to seduce as they pass through the lazy sun of the afternoon.

A full-length ride in a palace on wheels would indeed prove to be a dream as a scenery Rajasthan would enchant anyone. After being enchanted by the breathtaking and amazing natural beauty Rajasthan one would have to go back to Delhi to visit Agra and Taj Mahal especially what to see if one is located in Agra next to Agra Fort. One could enjoy the idyllic beauty of the “Queen of the Hills”. Ootyor have a spiritual soul search Haridwar and Rishikesh. Last but not least, you can see the Royal Bengal Tiger, the pride and joy of West Bengal in the wild at the world's largest tiger reserve.

It is therefore advisable for travel agents to meet all their travel requirements for worry-free travel. Travel agencies are always so eager and willing to meet the innumerable needs of travelers who consider it extremely convenient to be able to let the agent take care of everything that is necessary to ensure that the traveler does not have to worry about anything.

Cruise Deals – Tips on finding special offers and cruise discounts

If you want to go on a cruise, you cannot simply show up at the dock on the day of departure and expect to board the ship. You must first look for offers for cruises and make a reservation. While some last minute offers may be possible, you still need to make a booking as soon as the ship is scheduled to take off.

There are many things to consider before deciding on a cruise: itinerary, price, departure point, ports, trips, number of nights, cruise line, boat, etc.

Keep these factors in mind when searching for stores and comparing itineraries.

Here are some tips on how to get good deals on cruises:

• You do not spend twice as many tickets. In most cases, cruises are much cheaper when the city of departure and return are the same. This way you will save on tickets and cruising both. Or, if you are driving a departure city during the day, it may be much cheaper to just go to the port and pay for leaving the vehicle parked or sailing time. Compare the cost of daily parking with a ticket.

• If you're traveling with a family or group of friends, check out family or group discounts. Cruise offers many types of group discounts: wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, birthday parties, class meetings, retirement, etc. Front cruise lines all offer some discount for children. Some even offer free fares for children under a certain age.

• Keep in mind that travel fares – like airfares – often fluctuate. In fact, they can change every day. In general, the lowest prices are usually the earliest (eight months or more before departure) or at the latest (two months before departure). However, if the cruise is popular and cabs sell out quickly, you may not want to risk waiting until the last minute. However, if you aren't picky and don't have any specific dates in mind, it may be helpful to wait and see what last-minute offers will appear.

• Decide if you only want the base package. Do you need any of the accessories such as a dining and drinks package, a spa package, tours, a concierge, a private balcony, etc.? Or would it be cheaper to just pay for them because their need comes? It is almost always obvious that trips to the coast planned by cruise lines are NOT the cheapest and that you save by going through a third-party travel agency or planning a trip yourself.

These are just a few ideas to give you an idea of ​​the types of discounts and offers for cruises.

In conclusion

Who wouldn't like to get the best deals on cruises with online discount codes? Since 1996, the online travel giant has helped business travelers and tourists save on everything from cruises to car rental. If you book today, you can get the lowest price.

5 hotel booking tips for cheap

Everyone is aware of the fact that a person can easily save money if they opt for a cheap hotel. But sometimes you just want a five-star experience. Fortunately, there are several ways you can book a hotel for cheap without having to make any sacrifices in your choice of accommodation.

Here are five tips on how to save money and book a hotel room for cheap, no matter where you stay.

Your reservation time

Time is the essence in this case. On any day, prices may vary according to the taste of the hotel if they think they will be able to fill all rooms per night. Your best time to book is within 24 hours of your stay; these are times when hotels are constantly changing prices to fill their available rooms. However, this creates a lot of uncertainty and it is not wise to do if you travel to an unknown place.

The Revisit The Same Hotel

If you are a regular traveler and often visit the same place, you should book the same hotel to get great deals or deals. If the same hotel has a chain of hotels worldwide, then you can quickly get great discounts. Just remember that when you book your room, state that you stayed at the same hotel before. When the hotel sees your reputation as a returning customer, it will offer you a better price or perhaps provide an improved room.

Take advantage of offers and coupons

You can save money by booking a hotel from websites that are hotel booking agencies, but if you want to save more money on accommodation, it is best to search for online deals and coupons before booking a hotel. Many money-saving sites offer deals and coupons for various hotels and motels. It is always wise to take advantage of such offers and save so much on your travel expenses.

City holidays are economical in summer

Do not forget the period in which you plan to travel. City tours are usually cheaper in the summer months because there are fewer events, fewer business travelers and a large migration towards the coast.

Travel Solo

If you're traveling solo – take full advantage of it. Many hotels expect two people to stay, so they offer a good room discount. This way you can enjoy the suite with a double bed all by yourself.