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3 Points: For more Boozer down the stretch?

3 points more Boozer down the stretch? … Carlos Boozer also spend more time on the bench in the fourth quarter. Every week, writer Nick Friedell ESPNChicago.com Bulls joined two ESPN writers discuss three issues, which in the minds of the followers of the Chicago Bulls. I’m more ESPN (Blog)
strong Chicago extended Restaurant Sunday Chicago Restaurant Sunday ends Thursday. True, 6 February is the official last day, a list of participating restaurants and menus disappear from the site choosechicago.com. But, as in previous years, the number of Chicago restaurants I’ve … Read more about Chicago Tribune
strong “Motown” at the head of the Motor City after six months up Chicago national tour company “Motown: The musical” Chicago resigned after more six months, and the direction of Detroit and elsewhere, the producers announced Thursday. Show, which begins on the first national tour of Chicago 22 April, I … Read more on Chicago Tribune