5 secrets the insiders know about finding great cruise offers

A trip across the great ocean in a huge ship remains a very popular way to vacation and with good reason. When you turn on the cruise offers, the trip can be even more fantastic. As more people turn to cruise ships, companies offer more valuable packages and accessories every day. The trick is to know not only where, but also when to look. Check out some of the following tips to help you make the most of your next vacation:

Book during "Wave Season"

It is a specific time of year when cruise lines offer light cruise cruises. From January to March, known as low season, you will find some real fantastic offers. This time period is known in travel circles as the "wave period". Companies are really trying to encourage travelers to book early, and of course to book their particular line. As a result, there tend to be some crazy deals, including Buy One, Get One Free Options (also known as BOGO), and added value such as free dining, or automatic upgrades. The trick is to look around and know which companies can offer big packages. Travel agencies that specialize in cruise can really help you find these special offers.

Search for your favorite destination.

It may look like a contra-intuition, but booking a trip to a popular destination can actually save you money. For large cruise ships, the goal is to fill capacity. And with popular destinations, there are many competing routes that depart daily, if not several times in one day. With so many ships, many companies offer great cruise offers to attract customers who hopefully become repeat travelers. Alaska, the Caribbean and Cuba are currently hot spots and can offer the best deals.

Stay flexible about your data.

Traveling at the last minute, spontaneously or in standby is not for everyone. This can be particularly stressful for those who have booked days off work. But for those who can afford to be more flexible, it can really work to their advantage when it comes to a pocket book. In order to sell cabins at the last minute, many cruise ships offer heavily discounted rooms. They can also add some great values ​​such as upgrades and free dining and ID cards. If you know where to look, you can really get some great deals.

Or … book super soon!

On the other hand, it may also be advantageous to book super early, for example during a wave period. Booking soon can ensure that you find some good deals on boats that would like to know in advance that they are full.

Watch add-ons.

Accessories are the biggest aspect in finding great cruise offers. Added value can include things like modernized rooms, free meals or certain ID cards. Be sure to search for free airline flights or vehicle rental services to take you to the port. Air Credit is also another popular incentive for travelers. Many travel agents will know when and how to look for these added offers.