How to create the perfect app for a travel agency

Tourism is one of the most extensive services – in every sense. Any adult anywhere in the world can apply for it. Numerous travel agencies offer different services in their own way. If you run or run a similar type of business, you certainly have a full website that brings comprehensive information about your services to the desktop site. But what about mobile users?

This is a question one should not forget. Every travel agency must help its clients to plan and improve their travels via mobile. A typical website can be quite uncomfortable for mobile devices; its content must be extracted without loss of information. The mobile version of the website is necessary for business, but may not provide the experience provided by the mobile app. But what should be inside the mobile app dedicated to one of the most popular leisure activities?

Choosing platforms. Not surprisingly, Android and iOS are the most visible choice for the mobile app. It also depends on the complexity and details of the project. There is a way to create a cross-platform application using PhoneGap. Lets you take advantage of the native capabilities of mobile platforms and create a hybrid application. For example, PhoneGap allows you to incorporate geolocation into your application. For more complex software products, you may need to create a native iOS, Android – or maybe both native application.

The perfect app will be based on the services you offer. This is what mobile users need. Clients must easily find what they are looking for. List of destinations, ways of traveling (flights, railways, cruise lines, etc.), Hotels and resorts, sightseeing tours and special offers, car rental and all the necessary contact information – briefly structure your services and information so you can transfer them to mobile clients. The entire list of your services is easy to browse – it will appreciate.

The application will depend very much on your specialization. For example, you provide special travel services for your honeymoon or specialize in business trips. Determine the part of the application that you know.

Each option depends on the details. Think about what needs to be included – descriptions, images, prices, reviews. To make it easier for you to choose your client, include filters and different categories to make it easier to find the option of a complex resort or hotel according to personal preferences – food, leisure activities, equipment.

Reservation. Here is what we need after we have found exactly what we want. Purchase tickets or special tours, hotel reservations, etc. In the event of special events, offers or urgent changes such as flight delays, you can immediately notify the client via push-notifications.

The mobile app wins thanks to its ability to work offline. That means anywhere. Internet connection is undoubtedly necessary for updating information, reservations and secondary, for sharing on social media. But if there is an urgent need to check some details about goals, dates, prices, reservations, etc. – all can be saved in the app and run offline for the convenience of the user.

Tourism and the entire tourism sector cover a very wide range of services. That is why there may be other exciting features that will have to be in your special business and in the special services you offer. But here you have read how a great app is shown to a user. Make sure your mobile app is informative, recognizable, convenient, and consequently preferred by people around the world.