American Express Travel says Mammoth, California, is great fun both in summer and winter

American Express Vacations confirms that one of the most popular places for adventurous travelers is Mammoth in California. This year-round resort offers travelers a wide range of activities and entertainment. Mammoth is also surprisingly luxurious – it offers several spas, a selection of fine dishes and luxurious accommodation. Mammoth is a great choice for vacationers who want to experience the harsh beauty of Sierras, California and relax in elegant resorts.

Winter in Mammoth

Wintertime is, according to tourists, one of the most popular seasons American Express Travel. In fact, Mammoth made a name for himself as a winter resort. The name Mammoth actually refers to a large slope that was so large that it was referred to as the "Mammoth Slope". Therefore, the area retained this name. The town is near Mammoth Lakes. The city is slightly more than a village, with a permanent population of around 500. However, the winter population is often ten times higher. Mammoth Lakes actually has more apartments than shops or restaurants. These apartments can be rented every week and range in price. The average price for a weekly apartment in winter is about 2000 USD. Mammoth also offers several luxury resorts, including the Mammoth Inn, which is literally across the street from the most popular ski slopes. For the more conservative travelers, there are a number of cheap inns and motels.

Summer in Mammoth

Despite the booming winter skiing, Mammoth is also very popular in summer. There are a number of American Express travel deals in early summer before the crowd enters. Early June is the best weather and availability. In the summer there is again a number of accommodation options, with greater availability in apartment buildings. Prices are also slightly less.

Tourist attractions during the summer season differ from the winter season. Although there is no snow on the slopes, adventure enthusiasts still travel to this place. From Mammoth Inn, travelers can purchase bus tickets to be taken to the Post Pile National Monument for $ 7.00 per person. It provides access to a number of scenic areas including the Geological Miracle, Devil's Post, the magnificent Rainbow Falls and the peaceful Reds Meadow. The bus stops at ten different locations and the traveler must leave the place where the bus parks to see the sights. The hike to Devil's Post Pile is pretty mild and most people say it's not that difficult. The hike to the top of the monument is very strenuous and is not recommended for seniors or children with asthma. The Rainbow Falls hike is also very strenuous, as is the continuation of the Lower Falls. Remember to bring at least two 12 oz bottles if you intend to do more than Devil's Post Pile. Reds Meadow is quite breathtaking, but it is a longer and strenuous hike, but the view is worth it.

With so much to see and do, it's no wonder that an active traveler is attracted to Mammoth Mountain. American Express Travel offers a range of packages that include some guided tours and tours, combined with some of the best accommodations in Mammoth Lakes. Find out why active travelers love Mammoth!