See Why South African Airways offers the highest rated service

Travelers are renowned for their credit rating service in part because ratings serve as a means of expressing pleasure or displeasure for their experience, but also partly because rating a service can be very valuable to another user of the service. First-class South African Airways seating was modeled after the high-ranking Swissair First Class seat and reached the top locations in recent in-flight surveys.

South African Airways has earned its reputation not only for the exceptional service it provides, but also for the comfort and privacy found in each of its 180-step flat-seated 83 "-seat spacing beds. sleeping comfort and special amenities equipped with toiletries, etc. Each suite has its own Ottoman, which is electrically operated. Seats also include power supply for laptops, telephone, individual light reading and 8.6 "personal monitor with Sony P @ ssport audio and on-demand video and a range of video games that give passengers complete control over their in-flight entertainment.

The first-class offer also includes a personal butler and a branch with luxurious blankets and large pillows. South African Airways continues to refine its already great cuisine and food with rotating menus and a range of fine wines, champagne and chefs.

South African Airways operates its fleet using a fully upgraded fleet including the Boeing 747-400, Airbus 340-600s and A319s.

The First Class lounge offers full bar service and efficient staff seven days a week. In addition to the innovative seating areas, there are additional spacious showers, soundproofed reading and relaxation rooms, a smoking room and a business center with international telephone, computer and internet access.