Lima Travel Guide: Casas in Lima

Historic homes in Lima are a huge attraction for history lovers who want to absorb the hundreds of years of history that Lima, once the capital of the New World, has to offer. These well-preserved houses offer the opportunity to enter the time capsule and travel through time. There are agencies that specialize in providing access to otherwise private homes through personal contacts. This exclusive approach may include exploring the family sights of the Spanish colonial area through modern times and accessing private art collections sought by the world's largest museums.

Upon agreement with exclusive Lima home tours, you can also have a tea, lunch or dinner with the host family after a private tour. This is the case of Hacienda Santa Rosa. This Republican-style house in a villa is located 20 minutes south of Lima. Here you will be welcomed as guests of the prominent LimeƱo family who will not only show you stunning land and give you access to their private home, but also sit down with you to quench your curiosities by answering your questions. If you would like to arrive a little earlier than the scheduled tour, a Peruvian chef with staff will allow you to participate in the preparation and cooking of your lunch. They also allow private visitors to use their pool or ride horses along the beach. During your visit you will also receive a private demonstration of a Peruvian passport horse on a ranch on the property.

Unlike most private homes in Lima, you are able to stay overnight at Casa Punta Hermosa. This private summer house offers elegant elegance overlooking the crystal blue ocean waters. As one of the homes of the famous Lima antique collector, this house is superbly decorated and offers a relaxing oasis south of Lima. Their resident chef provides brunch, lunch and dinner. Spa treatments, massages and yoga lessons are available on request if you do not enjoy your time on the terrace, relax in the outdoor lounge or enjoy the dramatic ocean drains from the pool.

Located in Lima's Miraflores neighborhood, Casa Garcia Alvarado is within walking distance of most hotels. The house was built in 1912 in the style of republican architecture and is one of the few remaining original houses in this style, located in the Miraflores area. Still used as a private resident, Ana Maria Garcia Alvarado takes you home and explains the architecture, history, art collection and antiques that are found in every room. The charm of your hostess and home will surely leave the impression that Lima is definitely a useful tourist destination.